Britney Spears replied in furious fashion to her mom Lynne Spears‘ apology.

Lynne issued an apology earlier in the week and begged Britney to unblock her so they can speak in person.

Britney reflected on her years of family trauma and struggles before Lynne’s apology.

“I had to meet doctors weekly to bring up my past which made it worse,” she wrote. “As for my whole family including my brother, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, and well damn the whole audience… were either stoned or drunk of their a—s.”


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Britney expressed her anger and helplessness as a result of conservatorship abuse by her parents.

“I was the mother f—ing Saint who was scared to move or I knew my dad would put me somewhere if I didn’t cooperate,” she continued. “Even in America, the land of the free us!!! Years go by and he still puts me in a psych ward!!! Not one mother f—ing person stood up for me.”

Later after these posts, Lynne issued a public apology begging for forgiveness for any pain caused by the conservatorship.

Britney wasn’t having it.

“Mom take your apology and go f— yourself!!!” she wrote. “And to all the doctors for f—ing with my mind, I pray you all burn in hell!!! Kiss my mother f—ing ass.”

Spears has spent much of the last few months posting dancing videos and nude photos to social media.

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