The age of smart technology has finally trickled down to our home water supplies. Following a trend of water pitchers that self-replenish, track usage, and are wi-fi connected, the Brita Infinity Pitcher offers filtered water aficionados and added level of monthly convenience by replacing it’s own water filter. With lid-sensor designed to track the amount of gallons poured versus a monthly replacement timeline, the Infinity is connected to Amazon Dash, and will order a new filter to your doorstep once the amount of gallons used pushes past forty. This means a new filter every three months (or a month, depending on the amount of usage). The pitcher is easily set up to your home network, and you can monitor the status of the current filter by looking at three flashing lights on the device, which respectively flash green, yellow, or read each time you close the lid.

The sensor itself is not particularly sensitive, according to a recent review on Cnet, which may be a feature to prevent the premature order of a replacement filter. Filter replacement is the max amount of smart tech in this pitcher, which does not refill itself or offer any other usage statistics. The added convenience will run you $44.99 for the pitcher itself, and around six dollars per replacement filter.


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