Police dashboard cam footage that had been previously released showed YouTube star Gabby Petito and her fiance Brian Laundrie engaged in a violent disputed right before Petito’s disappearance. It suggested that Petito had been the instigator of violence, slapping Laundrie across the face in an altercation. However, new evidence from a 911 call changes the narrative as the man who reported the couple’s fight told the dispatcher that Laundrie had slapped Petito. This new development undermines the police assertion that the fight was not a domestic assault. Laundrie has been named the primary person of interest in the disappearance case.

New evidence of texts between Petito and her mother also indicate a higher level of tension between Petito and Laundrie than previously believed. The last “odd” text Petito’s mother received read, “Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls,” where Petito referred to her grandfather by his name. This struck Petito’s mother as odd and a few days following the text about her grandfather, Petito allegedly wrote to her mother, “No service in Yosemite” although investigators are unsure about whether or not Petito was the one to send the text.

Officials recovered human remains that matched Petito’s description on Sunday evening. An autopsy scheduled for Tuesday morning is underway and should confirm whether or not the remains belong to Petito. Laundrie has disappeared from his house. The FBI and Florida police are currently searching through his residence as well as nearby Carlton Ranch.

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