Brett Favre is looking to win another football championship, this time as an offensive coordinator for the Oak Grove High School football team in Hattiesburg, Miss.

The Mississippi state high school championship is set to take place on Friday, and Favre is looking to help his new team take the winning title.

Favre: From NFL To High School Coach

Favre, who works as the offensive coach for free, has known Oak Grove High head coach Nevil Barr for years and would train at the Oak Grove football facilities during the NFL offseason when he returned home to Hattiesburg. Barr immediately offered Favre a coaching position upon his official retirement from the NFL in 2010 and this is currently Favre’s second season as coach.

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Favre says he enjoys participating in the game in a more low-pressure setting compared to his time at the NFL.

“The stress level was much, much more [when I played]… The demans are, don’t get me wrong, I want to win, but it’s not a job,” Favre said in October.

Though Favre still keeps up his NFL physique with regular 5-mile runs and the occasional throw during practice, his focus remains with his young players.

“It’s just rewarding to see results… I’ve seen how you get affected by money and fame and those things, and these kids are raw. To get them to do something – they don’t know any better. It’s a bunch of good kids; it’s been a lot of fun. This is the community we raised our kids in, and I just enjoy being around them,” Favre said.

Favre's Coaching Style

Players on the team say that Favre doesn’t flaunt his NFL career during practices and makes an effort to keep his NFL legacy separate from his turn as high school football coach.

“There’s always people trying to talk to him, trying to get some stuff signed… Brett does a really good job of keeping that away from his coaching as much as he can,” Kirk McCarty, Oak Grove quarterback, said.

Fans may be surprised to learn that Favre also takes pains not to coach with an iron fist. He prefers a softer, more encouraging approach than the stereotypical intimidation and yelling.

“I don’t beat the kids up… I never knock them down. I never pick on them. I think a lot of coaches have done that. I don’t believe in harassing, hazing, bullying, any of those things. I believe in building them up with a lot of confidence,” Favre declared.

Favre enjoys coaching, but says he has no set plans to commit to it in the long run, nor does he have plans to leave his new role any time soon.

“I enjoy really not doing a lot… Until that changes, I don’t care about making money. It’s fun and it keeps me active and involved. Until something changes, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing,” Favre explained.

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