Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston had a reunion as their iconic Breaking Bad characters – Jesse Pinkman and his former high school chemistry teacher Walter White – for PopCorners’ Super Bowl commercial on Sunday.

The ad features TV’s favorite duo back in their trailer – more like their lab on wheels – manufacturing PopCorners snacks instead of their usual crystal meth. While Jesse is filmed freaking out over how amazing the PopCorners taste, Mr. White informs viewers that “they’re air popped, not fried,” taking credit for the great invention that has left Pinkman amazed.

Raymond Cruz also reprises his role as Tuco Salamanca, Pinkman and White’s meth distributor, who enthusiastically approves of the product and demands seven flavors to sell immediately.

The commercial also features White’s famous Heisenberg hat and Pinkman’s usual ensemble, a beanie and oversized hoodie.

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