Breaking Bad is in the final stretch of its fifth and final season, providing intense thrills and continued suspense as to how everything will end up for the series' antihero protagonist Walter White (Bryan Cranston), and those whose lives he’s affected.

A leaked script of one of Breaking Bad’s final episodes seems to hint at a possible death that comes to one of Walter’s closest allies. While standing outside a firehouse, clad in the oddly sinister tan jacket, he hisses into his cellphone, “Toe the line and you’ll end up like —-.” The name had been redacted, indicating that it belongs to someone of some importance. Is he talking about Jesse? Saul? Hank?

Cranston alluded to Walt’s increasingly frantic plays in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “This is the most desperate he's ever been," Cranston said, referring to a scene he’d just shot. "Everything's collapsing around him. Everything that he planted, all the seeds are sown and now it's harvest time. In a very, very bad way."

In the end, though, it seems more than possible that Walt will meet his end in the Breaking Bad series finale. According to Cranston, his character’s death would be a fitting end. “There is going be some trouble,” he said in an interview with Nightline. “There’s going to be some bad things happening. It’s Breaking Bad, not Breaking Good.”

“It would make sense if he is [killed],” the actor added. “In some way it would make sense if he isn’t. Either way, I’m along for the ride.”

Breaking Bad’s producers recently released the finale episode’s title – "Felina" – which has caused fans of the AMC series to go searching for clues within it. Felina, broken down into syllables, could refer to periodic table elements – Fe-Li-Na aka Iron-Lithium-Sodium aka Blood-Meth-Tears, sleuthed a Redditer. Incidentally, “Felina” is also an anagram of “Finale.”

Whatever unfolds in Breaking Bad’s final episodes, it's almost certain to be unexpected. “Just hold on,” Aaron Paul told the Daily Express. “Because it’s about to get really, really, really crazy.”

Breaking Bad returns to AMC Sunday at 9/8c. The finale will air Sept. 29.

– Chelsea Regan

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