Breaking Bad “Rabid Dog” began with Walt (Bryan Cranston) pulling up to his street to find Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) car parked in his driveway, the engine still running. Pistol in hand, Walt climbs through the shrubs and slides through the back door. His shoes sink into the gasoline soaked carpet as he scours the house for Jesse.

Once he realizes that Jesse is nowhere to be found, Walt hires carpet cleaners and gets his door fixed. He also calls in Huell’s assistance to make sure his family is okay. When Walt is informed that the gasoline scent won’t disappear completely until he gets new carpeting and padding, he begins to set the stage for his latest fabrication. He tells Skyler (Anna Gunn) and Flynn (RJ Mitte) that the odor is due to a pump malfunction at the gas station. Flynn knows he’s lying, but assumes it’s because the cancer had caused him to pass out while pumping his gas.

The Whites relocate to a hotel for the night, where Walt sneaks out to have a brief meeting with Saul (Bob Odinkirk) and Kuby. Kuby’s been searching for Jesse to no avail – hitting up the rogue ex-meth cook’s family home, where Brock and his mother live and Badger and Skinny Pete. When Jesse is located, Walt says he’ll want to sit and talk with Jesse to try to explain why Brock’s poisoning had to occur. Saul has another idea in mind, and brings it to Walt’s attention with an Old Yeller metaphor. Walt shuts the lawyer down completely.

Back up in his swanky hotel room, Walt meets a stoic Skyler who knows exactly the reason why filling up the ice bucket took so long. She knows he just met with Saul, and knows that the meeting likely had to do with the real reason the carpet reaked of gasoline. Backed into a corner, Walt admits that it was Jesse who had set the house up for a blaze – but defends his former partner, claiming that he’d never really go through with such a thing. Skyler, like Saul, doesn’t share Walt’s confidence in his communication skills. She wants Jesse – the threat – removed.

“Rabid Dog” then rewinds to the few minutes before Walt happened upon his house with Jesse’s car in the driveway. Jesse is viciously dumping the gasoline all over everything. He grabs some paper, rolls it up and whips out his lighter. Then, standing in the doorway is Hank (Dean Norris) with his gun drawn, telling Jesse to put down his lighter. Jesse, clearly having a breakdown, shouts at Hank about how much Walt deserves this. Hank doesn’t disagree, but suggests they take him down together a better way. Jesse listens and gets in the car with Hank. A minute after the unlikely duo pulls away, Walt approaches. Hank brings Jesse to his house, where Marie (Betsy Brandt) is resolved to stay while her husband works on serving justice to her corrupt brother-in-law.

With Jesse in his hands, Hank wastes no time in sitting him down for a videotaped confession – much like the one Walt and Skyler made. Apparently he tells them the chain of events that unfolded since season one of the series, but afterwards tells them the confession isn’t any good. Since he doesn’t have any concrete evidence against his former Chemistry teacher, it’ll just be his word against Walt’s. Hank has a plan though, and tells Jesse that he’s going to wear a wire and go along with Walt’s plea for a private meeting. Jesse doesn’t think it’s a good idea but gets forced into it. Once in the public plaza, Jesse spots a suspicious looking guy and veers off course. He thinks Walt set him up and tells him so, and also makes a veiled threat against his family.

When an irate Hank picks Jesse up, Jesse tells the DEA agent he has a better idea about how to get Walt. Meanwhile, Hank puts a call into Todd to tell him he has a “job” for his uncle.

Breaking Bad airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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