Breaking Bad began and ended with a cliffhanger in “To’hajiilee” on Sunday night – picking up with Walt (Bryan Cranston) calling in a hit to Todd (Jesse Plemons) and ending in the midst of a shootout where three main characters are present.

Lydia is not satisfied with the meth that Todd’s cooking, as it’s not even blue – their product’s signature. Todd insists that his product is still purer than the previous guys' she had cooking, and proposes that he “take care of” any angry distributors for her. It’s a clear come-on from the sweet-faced man-child with a thirst for blood. After rejecting his advances and telling him to focus on the meth, Todd’s phone starts ringing – playing “She Blinded Me with Science” by Thomas Dolby. It’s Walt. “Just one target, not currently in jail,” says Walt. “Jesse Pinkman.”

Elsewhere in New Mexico, Jesse (Aaron Paul), who’s turned informant, is trying to formulate a plan to take down his former teacher with Hank (Dean Norris) and Gomez. They all realize they need some hard evidence against Walt, and Jesse suggests that the cash is likely their best way to trap him. Who knows the most about Walt’s loot? Huell, who’s currently set up in a DEA safe house. After telling Saul’s (Bob Odinkirk) bodyguard that he’s the next one on Heisenberg’s hit list, Hank shows him a picture of a very dead looking Jesse that they staged using cow brains. Convinced, Huell then reveals everything he knows – Walt’s money, the barrels they’re kept in and the rental van Walt used to drive it out into the desert.

After having a quick meeting with Todd’s Uncle Jack to advise them to make Jesse’s death quick and painless, Walt heads over to Andrea and Brock’s to set his murderous plan in motion. He needs Jesse to come out of hiding, so he implores the former girlfriend to give him a call and have him come by. Since Hank has Jesse's Hello Kitty phone, no one is fooled by Walt’s ruse.

Saul pays a visit to Walt and Skyler’s (Anna Gunn) car wash to warn his client about Jesse’s capabilities. Before he finds Walt, he bumps into Flynn (R.J. Mitte), who is star struck when he recognizes the lawyer from his obnoxious TV spots. Putting on his best “Better Call Saul” face, Saul responds with the sing-songy, “Don’t drink and drive, but if you do, call me!” When he finds Walt, he alerts him that Huell is missing and warns him to take Jesse more seriously.

Soon after, Walt gets his own photo courtesy of Hank and Jesse, showing a barrel of money buried in the sand, which he believes can only one of his buried barrels of money in the sands of “To’hajiilee.” Jesse then places a call into Walt to taunt him, luring him out into the open like Walt intended to do to him. “Got my photo, b**ch?” snarls Jesse. “That barrel look familiar?” He then spins an elaborate tail that includes some pistol-whipping, GPS and money burning.

Walt then hightails it out to the desert while staying on the line with Jesse, making desperate pleas to get him to change his mind: the money is for his family, he’s going to die soon, owning up to his wrongful deeds, etc. When he arrives at the spot on the Indian reservation he’d buried his drug money, Walt realizes that no one is there and that he’d been set up.

Hank approaches in his SUV with Gomez and Jesse and Walt makes a rushed call into Uncle Jack to give him the new location where Jesse can be offed. He thinks better of it, though, and calls the hitman back to cancel the job. Resigned to his fate, Walt acquiesces to Hank’s demands and allows himself to be arrested by his brother-in-law. When he calls Jesse a coward for helping Hank, Jesse responds with a mouthful of spit in Walt’s face before Heisenberg is loaded into the backseat.

In the moment Hank takes to call Marie (Betsy Brandt) to tell her the good news before getting into the car, two more cars appear on the scene. Todd, Uncle Jack and the rest of the crew have arrived to take care of business. Walt tries vainly to yell to them to stop whatever they’re doing. Shots begin to fire as the episode fades to black.

Breaking Bad airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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