Breaking Bad is coming to a close this August, but fear not – showrunner Vince Gilligan spilled some spoilers on the final eight episodes to tide us over in the meantime.

When the first half of season five ended last summer, DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) was catching up to chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cooker Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

White – who turned to making crystal meth with former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to secure his family’s financial future after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in the first season – has been a great liar throughout the entire series, Gilligan told EW. “We often said in the writers’ room that if Walt had a superpower, it would be not his chemistry knowledge or his ability to cook crystal meth but his ability to lie,” Gilligan said. “Walt has been the world’s greatest liar, and I think the person he lies most capably to is himself. So in these final eight episodes, perhaps the lies will cease to find traction and the scales will start to fall away from Walt’s eyes. And when that happens, will Walt really begin to realize who he is?”

However, White won’t have much time for inner reflection as he faces adversaries such as his brother-in-law, Schrader. “Walt’s got plenty of fight left in him,” Gilligan said. “And he’s got plenty of forces to fight. You met some of them. Others you haven’t.”

Though we can expect lots of gore, Gilligan feels that the emotional and character moments will be the most intriguing. “I have surprised myself at how much story there was left to tell and how quickly we tell it,” he said. “You need to really settle down on the couch and pay close attention because it’s going to come at you fast and furious in the final eight episodes.”

When it comes to the Breaking Bad finale, Gilligan remains optimistic. “We worked long and hard to ensure that these final eight – and, in fact, the very last episode – would satisfy an audience,” he said. “I am guardedly optimistic that we have achieved just that. And furthermore, trying to be as coy as possible, trying to give away as little as possible, I feel like this ending represents on some level, however small, something of a victory for Walter White.”

Though Gilligan was cautious not to give too much away, he gave one last hint. “Sometimes you see meth labs in the darndest places.”

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