Breaking Bad has proven season after season to not only be one of the best, but one of the most truly suspenseful shows on television. One way the series manages to do that, is to make certain that spoilers are kept to a minimum. However, some of the stars of Breaking Bad have alluded to the AMC drama’s ending in ways that have provided some spoiler-y information.

Bob Odenkirk, who plays the shady but resourceful lawyer Saul Goodman, assures fans that the finale they’ve been waiting for over a year to watch won’t disappoint. I’ve been told that the ending is really surprising and really satisfying and you can’t believe the number of loose ends that get wrapped up,” Odinkirk told Vulture. “That’s all hearsay, though, because I didn’t read it. I dumped it in the trash, and then I dumped out the trash."

If the last few episodes of Breaking Bad are any kind of indication of what’s to come on Sunday, the finale is going to be a tearjerker. When asked how many tissues will be needed during its viewing, Betsy Brandt admitted she’d thought more than a few might be necessary. "I think you're going to need a lot. Regardless of how it ends – and the ending is good, it's really good,” Brandt told Entertainment Weekly. “I don't write the show because I want them all to win. I want them all to survive and win.” But they don’t, do they?

As for Dean Norris, he expressed he’s had a change of heart where it comes to Walt’s fate. "I used to [root for him to die], but actually, he kind of begged for Hank's life. I thought he redeemed himself a little bit, to be quite honest with you, so I'm fine if he lives now," Norris told E! News. “It's like a freight train,” he added, talking about the finale. “They just power through and it's awesome. You're going to love it." Perhaps Norris is hinting that Walt does survive, or maybe his affection for Walt is a red herring.

Series star Bryan Cranston, anyway, thinks it would be perfectly fitting for his character to die in the end. “There is going be some trouble,” Cranston said in an interview with Nightline. “There’s going to be some bad things happening. It’s Breaking Bad, not Breaking Good. It would make sense if he is [killed],” the actor added. “In some way it would make sense if he isn’t. Either way, I’m along for the ride.”

For those trying desperately hoping to not encounter spoilers prior to their viewing of the much-hyped finale of Breaking Bad there’s a plug-in for that. Netflix and Twitter teamed up to create a plug-in accessed through that will hide all posts containing “danger words.” Once a Breaking Bad fan has watched the finale, they can deactivate the plug-in and scroll at their leisure through all the live-action tweeting that went on during the live airing.

Breaking Bad’s series finale, “Felina,” airs on AMC Sunday at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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