Brandy recently performed a song in a New York City subway, but like many other subway performers, was completely ignored by the transit riders.

Even though she hit all the right notes and her voice sounds amazing in her rendition of “Home” from The Wiz, the subway crowd did not even look in her direction. In the video, Brandy walks into the already crowded train wearing a grey hoodie, shades and a scarf covering her hair to not bring any attention to herself. “Hold on. Hold on everybody,” she says to the New Yorkers as the train began to move.

People go in an out of the train, but no one seems to pay any mind to the artist, except for the lady wearing the yellow shirt sitting down who doesn’t keep her eyes off Brandy. At least she recognizes talent, or maybe she was annoyed at her performance.

Brandy posted the video in a blog post titled “Can A Sistah Get One Fan?.”

When Brandy finishes the song, she turns around and asks for the commuters opinion. “What ya’ll thought of that? Ya’ll think that was cool?” she asks. “Hello? Nobody heard me singing? Nobody cares? Okay.”

“Nobody on the train responded, and I feel very emotional right now,” she says, pretending to cry and reaching for her phone to call her mother. “There’s no service on the train,” responds Frank Silent, her friend who was recording the video.

Before leaving the train, Brandy asks a man for advice on how to make it in New York as a singer. “You gotta go there and engage with the people. You’re too much into yourself,” says the commuter. “This is a warm city ready to embrace you but gotta go and engage with the people.”

Maybe other New York subway performers should take his advice.

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