Brad Paisley made a stop on his way to his Kansas concert Sunday to take a selfie with Westboro Baptist Church protesters.

Brad Paisley Takes Westboro Baptist Church Selfie

A handful of Westboro Baptist Church members were protesting Paisley’s concert, supposedly for his songs that encourage drinking, such as “Alcohol,” or other ‘sinful’ behavior. Paisley saw the protesters from his car and pulled over with his team to stand in the road for a selfie.

“God Hates Drunks,” reads a sign in the photo.

Paisley uploaded the selfie to Instagram and Twitter, where it was re-tweeted over 6,000 times, on June 1. Paisley also shared a short Instagram video of himself posing with the protesters, captioned “Crazies for Paisley!”

The Westboro Baptist Church, never one to shy away from publicity, jumped on Paisley’s social media popularity, tweeting their own video of the interaction in response to the selfie.

“He mighta been mocking but he was certainly polite,” reads one tweet from the Church.

Another tweet suggested that Paisley had met with them to repent all of his sins and those of his friends, namely alcohol abuse.

In the video from the Westboro Baptist Church, a protestor can be heard asking Paisley to spread “the truth” to his fans and friends, specifically fellow country star, and notorious drinker, Blake Shelton.

“Yeah, I’ll get Blake out here,” Paisley responds as he gets back in his car.

This summer, Paisley will be featured as an ‘expert’ on ABC’s new singing competition show, Rising Star.

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