Country music star Brad Paisley has gifted a brand new guitar to Buck McCoy, a Nashville country artist who lost everything in the explosion that destroyed parts of downtown Nashville.

McCoy was in his apartment on the city’s 2nd Avenue when he heard the bomb, which has now been identified as an intentional suicide bombing, go off. He was able to quickly escape but lost all of his belongings. With his clothing, car, musical instruments and nearly all of his belongings destroyed, a GoFundMe was set up in his name.

After hearing McCoy’s story, Paisley set out to help. He messaged McCoy on Instagram, wanting to hear more about his experience and how he could assist. He told him he wanted to send him a new guitar to help him to “get back to work and make a living.”

McCoy shared the guitar in a new video, expressing his gratitude toward Paisley for his generosity: “Thank you so much Brad, this is a dream come true. I really appreciate you sending me this guitar. I will treasure it forever.”

Paisley, who also shared the GoFundMe link on his Facebook page, signed the back of the guitar, stating, “Buck, twang on pal. Glad you’re still here.”

“Man I’m getting chills brother,” McCoy concluded. “I thank you so much for this gift, I promise I’ll keep it forever. I’m going to write a hit on this sucker right now!”

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