Guillermo Gael Delgado Garcia has become an internet sensation this week after a video of his unique dance talents hit the web on July 1. In the video, the young boy is seen dancing to “Cuban Pete” the popular song from the Jim Carrey film The Mask.

Adorable Boy Dances To ‘Cuban Pete’ In Viral Video

When people talk about the comedy hit The Mask — the scene in which Carrey is seen wearing the green Loki Mask — holding maracas, while dancing and singing to “Cuban Pete” in front of a police firing squad — is often held as a scene favorite.

If you thought Carrey was brilliant during his “Cuban Pete” performance then you haven’t met Garcia.

In a hilarious video, a cute chubby boy offers his own little choreography to Carrey’s memorable “Cuban Pete” dance from “The Mask” — spinning, shaking and even cartwheeling his way around a crowded swimming pool. Garcia is not shy about his public display and is confident in his smooth rumba skills around the pool area. People lounging around the pool are heard cheering the young dancer on, praising him for his moves. Perhaps everyone was glad Garcia managed to avoid sliding into a waiting pool of water after a few “slippery” moves.

The energetic dance routine was captured on video by Garcia’s aunt in Monterrey, Mexico. To date, it’s been viewed more than five million times on Facebook and over three million on YouTube.

Watch Garcia’s amazing performance for yourself. Who do you think had the better dance routine – Garcia or Carrey?

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