Despite his birthday being on Feb. 24, Floyd Mayweather, threw a huge birthday extravaganza at The Venue club last week to celebrate his 44th birthday.

The boxing champion named the event Floyd’s Futuristic 44th Birthday Extravaganza and invited all of his star studded friends.

His birthday cake featured dollar bills with his face on them, a private jet and a Louis Vuitton-inspired trunk all made out of icing. He also served huge spreads of food and custom cocktails, including a Limitless, the Futuristic 44 and the Mayweather Mule.

The Venue followed COVID-19 protocols by completing temperature checks at the door. However, images from the event show very little social distancing or mask wearing.

The Florida Health COVID-19 website advises party venues to be prepared for possible outbreaks.

“As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, CDC strongly encourages event organizers and staff to prepare for the possibility of outbreaks in their communities,” read the website. “Creating an emergency plan for mass gatherings and large community events can help protect you and the health of your event participants and local community.”

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