Simon Cowell, the former American Idol and current X Factor judge has a history of Botox injections, and now the 58-year-old has plunked down 2,000 pounds for a non-surgical facelift.

For the procedure, Cowell turned to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, who is known as the “Picasso of Dermatology.” While that moniker may speak to Sebagh’s strong artistic sensibilities, it is also a little frightening, considering that Pablo Picasso was not exactly known for painting realistic-looking bodies and faces.

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“There’s lots of things you can do now,” Cowell told The Sun. “You don’t just have to stuff your face with filler and Botox. It hurts like hell but it gets rid of sun damage and unplugs all the crap. For me now, it’s all about having clean skin. If you have clean skin, you look better. But you have to be very careful with some of this stuff.”

The procedure that Cowell opted for is known as the Silhouette Soft Life, which consists of sewing bioplastic-infused thread into the face and neck and tugging it to get rid of sagging skin.

The reality show judge has been such an evangelist for cosmetic surgery that he has even been known to give co-stars vouchers for Botox for Christmas. But he may have overdone it himself, as two years ago he experienced puffy eyes and bruising on his face.

“I probably did have a little too much a couple of years ago,” he admitted.

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