London Mayor Boris Johnson knocked down a little boy on a Japan sports field on Thursday, during a game of rugby.

Boris Johnson Runs Over Little Boy in Rugby Game

Johnson was having fun in what was billed as an informal game of street rugby with adults and children, on the final day of his three-day trade mission to Japan.

The Mayor grabbed the ball from his teammate and rushed towards the finish line, trampling over a ten-year-old Tokyo schoolboy named Toki Sekiguchi.

After both players had picked themselves up, Johnson went over to Sekiguchi and asked if he was okay, before shaking his hand. “I’m so sorry,” he apologized to the young boy.

Johnson and Sekiguchi later posed for photographs and Johnson gave the kid a 2015 rugby World Cup ball.

“I felt a little bit of pain but it’s ok” Sekiguchi said of the incident. He also added, that meeting Johnson had been “enjoyable.”

Johnson has been a victim of these sports incidents over the years. In 2014 he tripped a small child while playing football outside London’s City Hall, and in 2006 he headbutted the German international Maurizio Gaudino during a charity football match.

Johnson even joked about the rugby game, during a speech to the British and American chambers of commerce about the benefits of hosting major sports events.

“We have just played a game of street rugby with a bunch of kids and I accidentally flattened a 10-year-old, on TV unfortunately,” Johnson told the audience. “But, he bounced back, he put it behind him, the smile returned rapidly to his face.”

The rugby World Cup will be held in Japan in 2019, and the following year Tokyo will host the summer Olympics.

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