Last night’s season 11 finale of Bones titled, “The Nightmare in the Nightmare,” definitely took us on a climactic joy ride in what felt like a hybrid of the classic horror films, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Saw.

On the season finale, the crew is desperately searching for a deranged but ingenious serial killer who Dr. “Cam” Saroyan (Tamara Taylor) eloquently refers to as “Puppito” (The Little Puppet). Cam gives the killer this moniker because of his obvious obsession with puppets. This recent case in particular is weighing heavy on Bones (Emily Deschanel) since she is feeling guilty and blaming herself for the killings because she was retired when Puppito was high on his murder streak. Meanwhile, Bones hasn’t slept in nearly a week due to severe nightmares she’s been experiencing. Agent Booth (David Boreanaz) starts to worry about Bones’ sleep deprivation and suggests she seek help. Bones assures Booth that she will get some sleep once the killer is found. However, her sleep time is put on an even longer hiatus when she discovers the body of Puppito’s latest victim in an abandoned warehouse wearing her own clothes. What’s even more creepier is that Puppito appears to have kept the victim’s body, a woman named Melissa, in his possession for six months and even groomed the victim’s hair to favor Bones’ hairstyle to a tee. This shakes Bones up more than usual and she decides to take extra precautions.

Once Bones’ nightmares start to come back full force, she finally admits to herself that she needs help although she is not usually a believer of the magic of therapy. Bones decides to go see the therapist of Puppito’s most recent victim, Melissa. Things seem to be going well with Bones and her new therapist until Agent Booth suspects the therapist of being the killer after he and Agent Aubrey (John Boyd) dig up some incriminating information. When Booth rushes to arrest the therapist at his office, he breaks in on him while he is in session with Bones. Bones immediately sides with the therapist and tells Booth he is wrong for accusing him of any crime.

So, once again the crew is back at the drawing board trying to figure out who in the world the killer could be? Then, things start to finally come together when the crew goes out to eat dinner one night and leaves Bones behind alone at the lab. When Bones calls in to question why she wasn’t invited to dinner, everyone begins to look around in confusion. They inform her that she had sent an email out saying that she would not be going because she would be staying at the lab to finish up some work. Right when Bones starts to believe she is experiencing another nightmare, someone else appears at the lab with Bones while she is on the phone with the crew. Bones then tells them that she has to go and she knows exactly who sent the email out.

The show ends abruptly with Bones and her former psychotic intern, Zach together in a dark room. Apparently, the former intern escaped from his psychiatric ward and is the one who has been stalking Bones all along. Zach could also be responsible for all the murders. But, we wont know anything until season 12 commences!

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