Bones's finale centered on the reemergence of Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds), the hacker/serial killer with a penchant for harnessing and focusing his villainous energies at the FBI and the squints at the Jeffersonian.

Booth's (David Boreanaz) agent friends begin to die all around him as Pelant directs the violence from the seat of his computer chair. He's managed to manipulate a dead agent's daughter to murder the agents. Sweets (John Francis Daley) had written about Pelant's past murders in an unpublished work and is able to tell that it's the serial killer's work by the positioning of the bodies. It's confirmed, when Booth gets a call from Pelant. His latest kills have a relationship to an FBI raid on a cult at Crystal Creek 10 years ago. From his paper, Sweets also comes to the conclusion that Pelant's using a surrogate for the kills—the agent's daughter.

Meanwhile, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) asks Booth to meet her in the middle of the day in the midst of Pelant's attack. After giving him a bag of jerky, she asks him to marry her. True to the characters and their story, the proposal is anything but sappy or traditionally romantic. She admits that she's been stubborn and afraid but that she knows it will make him, and her, happy. Brennan is also quick to assure Booth that the current crisis only crystalized what she already knew she wanted.

After the proposal, an elated Booth shares the good news with Sweets, who doesn't give him the warm congratulations he was expecting. Sweets is worried that Pelant will act out after learning of the proposal (he already knows, as he was watching it in real time) because he desires to be more important than Brennan and Booth's relationship.

When law enforcement discovers the agent's daughter who's been committing the murders at Pelant's behest, they raid her house only to find that she's already fled. She's actually on her way to meet with Booth, who thinks she's a witness. Sweets is on his way to the rendezvous as well. Frantically working on the surrogates computer, Angela (Michaela Conlin) manages to hack into her messages to find a message from Pelant that reads, "Booth decoy, target Sweets."

Pelant messes with the traffic system and cell phone towers, leaving Sweets stuck on his way to Booth and both of them without a way to contact one another. Resourceful Booth finds a pay phone and learns what's developed since he's been out of communication. After getting the location of Sweet's vehicle, Booth goes after him. Brennan, scared for Booth's life, also makes her way to the traffic jam.

In a scene of utter suspense, Booth is bounding from car to car in search of Sweets. The murderous daughter of the slain agent is likewise in pursuit. Brennan is weaving through the cars trying to find her fiancé. Just as the killer is about to fire at Sweets, Booth gets a shot off and knocks her back. Brennan and Booth meet up and embrace, thankful that they're both safe, while Pelant gets off the grid again.

The epilogue of the episode shows Booth, Brennan and Christine having a family day at the park when Booth gets a call from Pelant. Threatening the lives of three innocent people if he doesn't comply, Pelant demands that Booth break off his engagement. As Pelant knew he would, Booth decides to sacrifice his happiness to save those people's lives. He calls off the wedding with Brennan, who puts on a strong front but is clearly devastated as she has no clue that Pelant is behind Booth's rebuff.

Season 9 of Bones will show whether or not Brennan will be able to recover from Booth's calling of the wedding, and if their bond will survive.

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