We’ve heard of owning dynamite real-estate, but this is ridiculous!

PopEater.com reports that explosives were found in a lake "just 14 meters" from actor George Clooney‘s Italian villa, Villa Oleandra. The 30-room home, sits on the edge of Lake Como where the discarded hand grenades, mortars, and aircraft bombs were found by a local fisherman.

"This is a very complex operation as the munitions have been in the water for a long time and are unstable," Michele Tortora, a local official, said. "That’s why we have taken the precaution of sealing off the entire area around the recovery operation. The munitions will be taken to a cave where they will be safely detonated."

Clooney bought the massive luxury pad in 2002 for close to $10 million dollars. For more details, go to PopEater.com.

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