Bobby Brown forgot his lyrics during a performance on Saturday, July 4, while thinking of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who is in hospice care.

Bobby Brown Flubs Lyrics

Brown, 46, opened for Mint Condition at an Atlanta concert over the weekend – an engagement he made prior to his daughter’s hospitalization. He emerged on stage amidst the tragic family drama. His daughter, Bobbi Kristina, recently entered hospice care after being held in a hospital for almost 6 months. The 22-year-old suffered severe brain damage, and is not expected to recover.

Brown appeared onstage for his concert on Saturday wearing a baby-pink suit, putting on a brave face for his performance. Sources said that Brown’s short, half-hour set was interrupted a few times by the artist, who required a few minutes to collect himself.

“Fas loved his performance. Bobby did his New Edition classics and busted out into some of his signature dance moves, but had to stop several times during the 30-minute set,” a source told Us Weekly.

At one point, Brown appeared to forget the lyrics to one of his hits, saying, “I am in a different zone right now…If I go somewhere else, please join me on that trip, because it’s gonna be a good trip.”

Brown reportedly left the stage more than once to give his brother, Tommy Brown, a hug, but assured fans that he was happy to be performing. “This is my happy place,” he told the crowd.

Brown’s return to the stage coincided with a report that a photo of Bobbi Kristina in hospice was being shopped around to various media outlets. Security guards reportedly believe a family member took the photo, and as a result, all family has been banned from visiting. The ban affects extended family, and not Brown himself. Brown told TMZ that he is “hoping to get justice” in the case of the photo, but did not reveal whether any steps were being taken to find the culprit.

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