Bobbi Kristina Brown died Sunday, upgrading the investigation into her drowning on Jan. 31 to a murder investigation.

Bobbi Kristina Murder Investigation

Police in Roswell, Ga., announced back in June that they planned to look more closely into the events that led to Bobbi Kristina ending up unresponsive in her bathtub. She had suffered irreversible brain damage in the incident and died as a result of the trauma while in hospice care. Now that Bobbi Kristina has passed, Roswell Police have upgraded the investigation to a homicide case, reported TMZ.

Both the D.A. and the cops are considering foul play and consider Bobbi Kristina’s adopted brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon a person of interest.

However, the homicide case might lose traction now that the Medical Examiner’s preliminary autopsy has come back and does not support claims of foul play.

New reports are also claiming that Bobbi Kristina had a history of falling asleep in bathtubs while in an inebriated state. She was supposedly intoxicated the night before her mother Whitney Houston‘s death and fell asleep in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, flooding the room, according to TMZ.

Gordon’s lawyer Jose Baez – who previously represented Casey Anthony – apparently plans to use that anecdote to steer prosecutors away from charging Gordon with involvement in Bobbi Kristina’s death. Baez will allegedly argue that Bobbi Kristina took too many drugs on the day of her drowning in the bathtub, which led to her death.

Bobbi Kristina’s surviving relatives, including her conservator Bedelia Hargrove, have filed a lawsuit against Gordon, claiming that he was abusive to Bobbi Kristina and stole $11,000 of her funds during her lengthy hospitalization.

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