Bobbi Kristina Brown, who has remained in a medically-induced coma since Jan. 31, will reportedly be taken off life support Wednesday, the third anniversary of her mother Whitney Houston’s death.

Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Taken Off Life Support

Bobby Kristina’s father Bobby Brown has supposedly been struggling with the decision to pull the plug on his 21-year-old daughter, despite evidence that there is no hope for her improvement. However, sources close to the family have recently revealed that he’s come to the decision, with the help of Houston’s surviving mother Cissy Houston, to take Bobbi Kristina off life support Wednesday to “bond mother and daughter for eternity,” reported Page Six.

“This is the only thing they can agree on — that she’s gone [brain-dead], and there’s nothing more that can be done for her,” the source said.

Apparently, filmmaker Tyler Perry, record producer Jermaine Dupri and rapper Bow Wow have played integral parts in helping the Houston and Brown families come together, brokering peace between them in the tragic time.

Bobbi Kristina was discovered unresponsive in a bathtub in her home by her adopted brother-turned-boyfriend and alleged husband Nick Gordon and their friend Max Lomas. Police in Roswell, Ga., have launched an investigation into the incident, homing in on Gordon, as Bobbi Kristina was found to have injuries to her face and mouth upon her admission into the hospital, reported CNN. It’s unknown if Bobbi Kristina and Gordon, who were rumored to have domestic squabbles, had a physical altercation the day that she was found in the bathtub.