Billy and Cody are husband and wife on their way to North Dakota. Bakken is the location of the largest oil discovery in American history, and the couple is on their way to cash in big by opening three laundromats in the boom town that has sprung up. Among the challenges they face upon arrival are a car accident, wild, inebriated inhabitants, and a tycoon that threatens to bar them from all their hopes and dreams. Blood & Oil is fresh with scenes and interactions you would expect from a western, if only they had Carhart and neon signs.

Blood & Oil’ Recap & Review

Billy (Chace Crawford) and Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse) are looking back on their departure from home, thinking about the people who invested in their business venture. With all the incoming laborers coming to work the oil fields, the two assume that they will profit largely from opening three laundromats. But just outside of town, they are run off the highway by an 18-wheeler. All their washers and dryers are destroyed with no insurance. They make it into town to find rambunctious rough-necks partying in the streets. This is business as usual in Boomtown. Alcohol flows freely and white people clash with Native Americans. More than that, people travel from other continents to work the oil fields of Bakken.

But life in Bakken isn’t all about desperate attempts at profit. The Briggs family are local aristocracy and own many of the rigs that pump oil from the ground. Hap (Don Johnson) is the capitalist would made millions in the oil business and his son Wick (Scott Michael Foster) couldn’t be a bigger disappointment to him. Wick is disrespectful, lazy and not well liked by the community. His father decides to put Wick to work on the rigs, and it comes out that Wick has a strong dislike for his step-mother, Darla (Amber Valletta). His day on rig leaves Wick cut off for good from his father. This fuels his determination to succeed without the help of his father.

When Billy is able to borrow $75,000 from an investor, and it looks like things are coming together. But doubts arise when Cody is pregnant and the risk of starting a new venture seems like too big of a risk. The couple faces serious decisions.

Will their operation clash with Wick and his latest scheme? Most definitely.

Blood & Oil airs Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

Pictured: Chace Crawford as Bill LeFever.



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