The blobfish won the honors of taking home the title for the world’s ugliest endangered animal on the planet.

Blobfish, which are made of a gelatinous material just slightly more dense than water, float through the deep seas off the coast of southern Australia. The 12-inch-long deep sea dweller diets on crustaceans like crabs and lobsters.

The blobfish beat out British bats, the Dromedary jumping slug, the European common eel, the flightless dung beetle, the greater short-horned lizard, the endangered giant parrot Kakapo, the pig-nosed turtle, the proboscis monkey, pubic lice and Mexican neotenic mole salamanders called Axoloti.


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British comedian Paul Foot championed the blob fish in the competition to become the new official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. Foot was among several other comedians and scientists who campaigned via YouTube videos to get their chosen ugly animals selected by the voting public.

"The sad face of the blobfish belies a kind and very wise little brain in there," Foot argued for the Australian sea creature.“[You can] ask the blobfish for guidance.”

– Chelsea Regan

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