Diablo debuted in 1996, quickly becoming a success for the studio behind it, Blizzard Entertainment. 2012’s Diablo III is the latest installment in the series, and it continued to receive downloadable expansions into 2017. However, according to Blizzard’s own website, a new entry in the venerable series is on its way.


Thanks to a job opening, Blizzard is hiring for a new dungeon artist for a “new, unannounced Diablo project.” As a role playing series, the Diablo franchise hosts a wealth of dank dungeons to explore and fight through.

It’s worth noting how the job description doesn’t explicitly say the project is a numbered sequel in the series, so it is possible (though, in my opinion, unlikely) this Diablo title could be a spin-off of some kind. Slated platforms are also unconfirmed, though fans should reasonably expect this project to hit their PCs. As for what the job entails, the artist will be tasked with modeling alluring assets to realize the grim world of Diablo.

Although E3 is next week, Blizzard’s new Diablo project will not have a presence there. In fact, Blizzard itself is sitting this E3 out, instead opting to have a showcase at August’s Gamescom. As Blizzard owns plenty of cherished gaming franchises, such as World of Warcraft and Overwatch, fans who can attend should have fun demoing their titles and partaking in their planned activities.

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