Blindspot‘s season 1 finale made sure that Jane Doe’s true identity is still very much a mystery when she ends up in cuffs after killing Oscar.

‘Blindspot’ Finale Recap

In the Blindspot finale, Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) is ravaged 
by guilt for being unable to save Mayfair, who was shot by Oscar (François Arnaud). When
 she finally tracks him down, it’s him that manages to neutralize her 
first. When she wakes up, she’s tied to a chair inside of a barn. 
Oscar means to inject Jane with more mind-erasing drugs. But, before he 
does, he tells her that she is nor not was she ever Taylor Shaw. He 
also tells her that the whole plan was to have Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) replace Mayfair
 and become a pawn of Jane’s and the mysterious organization that they’re apart of.

Right when Oscar is about to shoot Jane up with the drugs, she jumps
 out of the chair and starts swinging. Jane ends the fight with a 
scythe through Oscar’s stomach.

While Jane is fighting for her life, Kurt learns that she’s not 
Taylor, the childhood pal that he believed he had reconnected with. As 
it turns out, Kurt’s father had killed Taylor when she was still a 
little girl and had buried her on a camp ground. Kurt, incensed and 
feeling tricked by Jane, waits for her at her house. When she arrives,
 he cuffs her and hauls her off to jail.

Oscar’s death in the season finale follows the death of other major characters in Blindspot, including Tom Carte and Marcos. Showrunner Martin Gero believes that the nature of the show requires unexpected character deaths.

“The show has mortal jeopardy in it every week. Every week, they barely survive, and if you don’t kill people, those stakes diminish. If it’s a show where no one dies, it’s a show that’s less exciting to watch,” Gero explained to TVLine. “After Mayfair’s death, [Jane] decides, “No more. I’m on the good guys’ side.” She wants to bring Oscar in. Her intention is not to kill Oscar, but Oscar’s not going to go quietly, and the fight obviously turns lethal.”

Gero also suggested that Jane Doe’s true identity – and not another front like Taylor Shaw – will be revealed when Blindspot returns for a second season in the fall. It will take longer, however, for the show to play out the consequences of Jane being complicit in fabricating memories as Taylor Shaw.

“You don’t want the audience to be way ahead of your characters, and the audience knows that Jane wasn’t really acting maliciously,” said Gero. “Jane did most of these things under threat of them killing Weller. So their relationship is certainly under extraordinary duress, and it’s going to take some time to recover organically. Season 2 draws our most interesting relationship into a more interesting place, dramatically.”

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