Jimmy Fallon presented Blake Lively with a large cardboard cutout of himself to take home with her last week — and Lively stopped by The Tonight Show on Friday to tell Fallon exactly how the cardboard affected her home life.

Blake Lively Has Problems With Jimmy Fallon’s Cardboard Cutout

“Was it fun traveling around with him?” Fallon asked Lively, as he pulled out the big cardboard. “Did your life change?”

“It sort of like messed up my home life a little bit,” Lively told the host. “It sort of caused some problems at home, I did bring by a home video to share.”

In the home video Lively can be heard in the background saying, “Is that Jimmy?” — as her daughter James walks up to the Fallon cutout and places a kiss on him.

“Where’s your dada?” Lively then asks her daughter.

James responds to her mother by pointing to the Fallon cut out and whispering, “Jimmy.”

“It’s a little confusing. Ever since we took you home, even backstage, she sees and goes ‘dada!’ I mean I think I should do a paternity test,” Lively joked.

“This is the wrong show,” Fallon laughed. “That’s Maury!”

Lively’s husband Ryan Reynolds even joined in on the Fallon cardboard fun. In a series of photos Reynolds is seen having a glass of scotch with the cutout.

“Look, we’re having a good time, we’re laughing, and having fun,” Fallon said, flipping through the pictures. “We’re almost done with the whole bottle.”

“It’s almost like it’s not affecting you at all though,” Lively teased, when a photo of Reynolds knocked out with the empty scotch bottle tipped over pops up.

“That was unfortunate,” Fallon admitted.

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