Blake Lively joined the Today show on Monday to speak about her upcoming film The Shallows — and also shared that she and husband Ryan Reynolds plan to have more than two kids.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Want More Kids

Lively is currently pregnant with her second child — after giving birth to daughter James Reynolds, 18-months ago.

“She’s always doing something fun and exciting,” Lively praised James. “She’s the most fun, funny human being I’ve ever been around in my life.”

Lively explained how growing up in large families had given both her and Reynolds a breeding gene.

“I’m one of five kids; my husband’s one of four,” Lively told host Savannah Guthrie. “We’re officially breeders.”

“You can go on our website and we will give you some of our children,” the actress joked.

In her upcoming film The Shallows, Lively plays a surfer who gets attacked by a shark in a remote location and has to fight to survive.

The Shallows premieres in theaters on Jun. 24.

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