Most women find it natural to cross their legs when they’re sitting down. But those ladies with the privilege to sit in the front row of New York Fashion week know that they have to keep their legs uncrossed for the convenience of photographers.

“It’s for the photographers,” one of the other attendees explained, “People’s legs get in the way, it messes up the shots.”

It seems that crossed legs create shadows on the floor of the runway.

Last Wednesday, Blake Lively attended the Michael Kors show at New York Fashion week, and when photographers requested for her to uncross her legs it appears that she refused.

The company’s chairman, John D Idol, even went out to personally request Lively and other front row member so uncross their legs before the ten minute show began. Lively seemed to ignore him. Her mother and her VIP friends, Naomie Harris and Riley Keough appeared to follow her lead.

Lively is no newbie to front row fashion shows, so it is unclear what this rebellious move was for.

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