Blake Lively and Martha Stewart put the feud rumors to rest on Saturday when they joked about Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds and shared insights into their lifestyle brands.

Blake Lively & Martha Stewart

Lively, 27, and Stewart, 73, sat down together at Martha Stewart's American Made Summit in New York City over the weekend. Among the discussion topics were Lively's lifestyle site Preserve and Reynolds, whom Stewart has apparently taken a liking to.

"When we met Martha, Martha goes, ‘I know how to ride motorcycles. I will ride with you, Ryan,'" Lively shared. "Martha is the only woman that can creep up on my man!"

While Lively might be open to Stewart hitching a ride on the back of Reynold's bike, Stewart isn't interesting in biking around their homes in Bedford, N.Y. "The roads where we live are really dangerous," she noted.

When the topic turned towards Preserve, Lively acknowledged that her actor husband finds time to help her with the website, which she wants to include men's fashion and home goods. "He is probably more [involved] than he wants to be but what's important about Preserve is it's not just about females. It's about families," she said. "It's not just female specific. I love shopping for him as much as I love shopping for myself as well as I love creating meals for him."

Lively's personal fashion sense has been lauded since the days in which she was walking the red carpet for the erstwhile Gossip Girl premieres. Her on-trend looks are not the result of a stylist, according to the actress. "I've never used a stylist because I love [fashion] too much," she told Stewart. "It's such an expression of me."

Will Lively's love of fashion evolve into another career? "I would love to when I can find 28 hours in my day," said Lively, who is pregnant with her first child with Reynolds. "But I'm hoping to do some exclusive things in the future."

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