Blac Chyna delivered a lengthy testimony on Wednesday as the first day of her defamation trial against members of the Kardashian-Jenner family unfolded in Los Angeles Superior Court. She discussed her developing career and the wealth she accumulated prior to meeting exes Tyga and Rob Kardashian, as well as the highs and lows of her relationships with both men.

She is seeking $108 million in damages in lost income from the family for allegedly badmouthing her to E! executives who subsequently canceled her show, Rob & Chyna. A second season was announced for the show in late 2016 but didn’t come to be after Chyna and Kardashian’s relationship soured, but Chyna is alleging more nefarious interference on the part of the family.

After touching on her brief engagement to the rapper Tyga after meeting him on the set of a music video, Chyna said she met Rob Kardashian years later after attending several events with the Kardashian family. She also claimed to have a “pretty close friendship with” Kim Kardashian before even meeting Rob.

She remembered Rob as “super sweet, super charming – I think he’s hilarious,” and also had kind words for Kris Jenner, who gave her advice in developing their show and Chyna even said she considered “a second mom.” Jenner also “glued us back together,” after multiple blowout fights between Rob and Chyna, according to Chyna’s testimony.

She also added that their relationship was put under further stress time because she “let my guard and pride down when we moved into Kylie’s [Jenner] house,” and she eventually moved out of Jenner’s home when allegations of Rob’s cheating came to light.

During the first day, defense attorney Michael Rhodes said that E! backed out of producing a second Rob & Chyna season because their relationship was “off the rails,” and that the network’s December 2016 announcement was not a final decision. He also cross-examined Chyna intensely regarding allegations of abuse made by Kardashian, including that she tried to strangle him with a phone charging cord and pointed a gun at his head.

Chyna confirmed that both incidents happened but were meant to be taken as a joke. When discussing the gun incident she said that it was not loaded and Rob “was already messing, with it, that’s why I grabbed it, I was being funny while he was on FaceTime with his friends. She claimed the phone cord incident happened “to get his attention” while Rob was playing video games and was also a joke.

Rhodes also attempted to label her suit as “a publicity stunt” because of the “career benefits from the attention that you get because of this trial.” Chyna pushed against this by replying “it’s actually been very negative.”

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