Northern Irish actor BJ Hogg best known for his role as Big Mervyn in the BBC’s Give My Head Peace died at his home on Thursday, on his 65th birthday.

One of the most popular Northern-Irish actors, Hogg has also been in episodes of Game of Thrones as Addam Marbrand and The Fall as Ian Kay. He stared in the Oscar nominated short film Dance Lexi Dance.

He was also a stage actor, and earlier this year had been performing with the cast of Give My Head Peace in a stage show.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Hogg had studied to become a chef, but after two hotels he worked at were bombed, he became a musician, and then eventually an actor.

The cause of death is still unknown, but he had become ill yesterday morning. It has not been suggested that it was related to the coronavirus.


His friends, costars, and fans remembered him on social media:

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