Conservationist and wildlife presenter Steve “the Crocodile Hunter” Irwin died 10 years ago after being struck in the heart by a stingray’s barb while filming for The Ocean’s Deadliest.


Irwin’s daughter Bindi Irwin took to Twitter to honor her late father.

Irwin was well-loved by millions around the world. His childlike excitement and unheard of brazenness in handling dangerous animals shot him to fame in the 90s on his show The Crocodile Hunter.

Irwin’s wife Terri Irwin also took to Twitter to remember her late husband. September 4 also marks Father’s Day in Australia. 

Irwin was always heartfelt and direct on TV, and behaved the same way away from the camera. His father recently found and released a letter written to him and his wife years ago, when Irwin was 32 years old.

On the envelope it says “Please be happy to know that your strength and wisdom have been passed on.” The letter reads in full:

“Dear Dad & Mum. Probably one of the most unfortunate things in a ‘Bloke’s Life’ is that it takes over 30 years to realise how essential you have been to build my character, my ethics and, most importantly, my HAPPINESS. At 32, I am finally starting to figure it out. In good times and in bad, you were there. Your strength and endurance to raise me will not go unrewarded. My love for you is my strength! For the rest of my life I will reflect on the unbelievably GREAT times we’ve shared and will continue to share. You’re my best friends! Thank you, Steve.”

About his son, Bob Irwin said, “When the world lost Steve, the animals lost the best friend they ever had, and so did I.” Bob will release his memoir Oct. 25, entitled The Last Crocodile Hunter: A Father and Son Legacy.

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