One delighted Billy Idol fan is getting exactly what he wants for his birthday after two years of trying, and now it's official — Idol, 56, will play a charity fundraising concert for Michael Henrichsen of Seattle on his 26th birthday.

It was two years ago while working at a retail store and hearing Idol's "White Wedding" that Henrichsen got the idea to launch a campaign to get Idol to play at his birthday, according to the Los Angeles Times. The goal was not only to have a kick-ass time and rocking party that no one would soon forget, but Henrichsen also reasoned that the publicity from the campaign might have the side-benefit of boosting his resume and getting the attention of perspective public relations employers in the entertainment industry.

So Henrichsen designed a website for the cause, called (what else?) Play My Birthday Billy Idol, and put together a Billy Idol cover band to raise money for charities Northwest Harvest and the American Red Cross. He also got celebrity endorsements from Rick Springfield and Ron Jeremy, not to mention support from fans across the country.

Idol accepted the request in August and posted a video for the site. "All right, mate. Untwist your knickers. We're doing it," he said. Henrichsen's actual birthday was October 22, but the show will go down on Friday, October 26 in Seattle. Tickets for the performance are sold out.

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