Billions actress Melissa Errico helped save a New York City man Wednesday when he fell on the tracks.

The star had just left her vocal coach’s studio and was trying to grab the F Train. Errico said she saw two men reaching down onto the tracks when she saw the man scared and helpless beneath them. Though they were doing their best, the man was simply too heavy.

“I could see the men giving up,” she told reporters. “They were letting him go.”

The actress sprang into action, and ran over to the two men to help lift him up. The man on the tracks was very apparently drunk and bloodied but the actress said he seemed “sweet” and was really “desperate and scared.”

She dropped her things, grabbed the fallen man underneath his arms and instructed the other two to help her heave him up.

The trio were able to lift the man off the tracks onto the subway platform moments before the train car came to a stop at the 14th street station in Manhattan. He was reportedly treated by EMT’s then brought to a local hospital.

“I had the energy and jumped in to help this guy,” Errico said. “I completed the chain. People do bigger things than that every day.” She said she was “covered in blood,” but it didn’t faze her.