Billie Eilish paused her London show after noting some fans in difficulty.

“Are you all ok?” she asked. “People were fainting and getting pulled out. It’s hot, I know.”

The young artist asked the crowd to “take a step back” and “give everybody space” after seeing that they were all uncomfortably crammed together.

“Are you squished a little bit? If someone looks a little woozy, just tell someone, ok? Don ‘t try to save feelings,” said Eilish.

This is not the first time the “Bad Guy” singer has stopped a performance mid-show for the sake of her fans. Earlier this year, the singer halted two gigs in the U.S. to ensure her audience’s welfare. “If you want to sit down, you are allowed,” she told her fans while performing in New York. “Go ahead, sit down, take a breath.”

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