Bill Skarsgard and Landon Liboiron star on Netflix’s hit horror series Hemlock Grove as Godfrey estate heir Roman and werewolf Peter Rumancek – two teenage boys with a decidedly ambiguous relationship.

Bill Skarsgard, Landon Liboiron on ‘Hemlock Grove’

The two characters are first brought together in Hemlock Grove’s first season when Peter is falsely accused of murdering two teenage girls and Roman tries to find the true culprit. Over the course of the season, the nature of their relationship led many viewers to think that more than just a friendship was brewing between the two.

“Yeah, I mean it’s a fun thing that a lot of people saw. I guess there is sort of a romance between them,” Skarsgard told uInterview exclusively, adding that “the sexual tension between the two characters” wasn’t his or Liboiron’s intention.

Liboiron conceded that some of the fan art that pairs the two of them together in not particularly platonic ways might be a result of the dialogue written by Brian McGreevy. “I think it’s Brian’s writing that’s like ‘I saw you change back. It’s f–king beautiful,’” said Liboiron. “I think it’s what we say to each other. It’s not necessarily sexual, but…”

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Whatever the relationship between Peter and Roman was, wasn’t or was meant to be, following Hemlock Grove‘s season one drama, Skarsgard says the two are on the outs. “Where the first season leaves us, their relationship is shattered because of everything that happened. And, where the second season begins, both Peter and Roman are completely dealing with their own demons,” Skarsgard told uInterview.

“They couldn’t be further apart. Roman really resents Peter for leaving him in this desperate time where Roman really needed him. And, also kind of blames him for the things that happened when he left,” Skarsgard added. “You know, Roman essentially killing himself and becoming this thing that he had fought his whole life to avoid. There’s definitely a lot of tension between the two of them in the beginning of season two.”

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As for viewers sensing some gay tension between the two of them, neither actor seems to be bothered by it. “I don’t mind it at all,” said Skarsgard, while Liboiron chimed in, “I love it!”

Hemlock Grove‘s first and second seasons are currently available on Netflix.

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