Bill Russell, an NBA Hall of Famer, was arrested on Wednesday after he tried to go through security at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with a loaded gun.

Russell, 79, had a .38 caliber pistol in his carry on luggage that held six rounds of ammunition, according to a TSA spokesperson. After his attempt to go through security, he was turned over to Port of Seattle police. No disruptions occurred at the airport.

The TSA could have fined Russell anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500 for the offense, according to CBS Sports.

Over the weekend, Russell released an apology for his error. "Before boarding my flight from Seattle to Boston, I had accidentally left a legal firearm in my bag," he said in a statement. "I apologize and truly regret the mistake. I was issued a citation by the TSA, whose agents couldn't have been more thorough and professional when dealing with this. I really appreciate their efforts to keep air travel safe."

Russell had been a center in the NBA, and was an 11-time champion in the league with the Boston Celtics. He later coached the Seattle Supersonics.

– Chelsea Regan

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