The rumor about Bill Nye debating Sarah Palin about climate change following a screening of anti-global warming documentary Climate Hustle has been proven false.

Bill Nye & Sarah Palin

For a short time, it was believed that celebrity scientist Nye would get a chance to debate celebrity politician Palin about the realities of global warming. Unfortunately, while clips of Nye arguing the side of man-made climate change will be shown during the panel, the “science guy” will not appear in the flesh.

Palin, however, will be present at the screening event Thursday evening.

“I’m very passionate about this issue. We’ve been told by fearmongers that global warming is due to man’s activities and [Climate Hustle] presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way,” Palin told Variety. “I wanted facts and real numbers. The polar bear population is stable, if not growing and the designation would have stymied Alaska’s pursuit of developing its natural resources.”

Palin added, “People who do not believe in American exceptionalism have made this into a campaign issue, so it’s vital that the other side be heard. I’m very pleased that this is written and spoken in layman’s terms. My dad taught science to fifth and sixth graders, and it was very important to him that science be presented in an understandable way.”

The screening of Climate Hustle is being hosted by Marc Morano, the founder of, an anti-climate change website.

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