Scientist, comedian and educator Bill Nye, 56, best known for his stint on the Disney / PBS children's show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, which ran between the years of 1993 and 1998, has posted a video on online forum Big Think via YouTube revealing that he doesn't think too highly of people who deny evolution, especially when they try to pass their beliefs down to young, impressionable kids.

Nye's argument starts with him applauding the United States for its contribution to technical advancement. "People still move to the United States. And that’s largely because of the intellectual capital we have, the general understanding of science,” Nye says. “When you have a portion of the population that doesn’t believe in that, it holds everybody back, really."

Nye, who has endorsed President Barack Obama's reelection campaign, partly due to Obama's education policies, according to ABC News, is also pushing for more science and engineering programs.

"Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology," he said in the clip. "It’s like, it’s very much analogous to trying to do geology without believing in tectonic plates. You’re just not going to get the right answer. Your whole world is just going to be a mystery instead of an exciting place."

Finally, after making his case, Nye requested that adults who believe otherwise keep their thoughts to themselves. "If you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it, because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future."

Just days after Nye's video was posted, rumors began circulating on Twitter than Nye had passed away, with a "R.I.P. Bill Nye The Science Guy" topic trending, but the stunt was quickly revealed to be a hoax. Nye is alive and well.

Watch Bill Nye's speech here:

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