Bill Nye “The Science Guy” appeared on CNN to address the recent flooding in Louisiana, citing climate change as the culprit.


Nye, a popular science educator and mechanical engineer, has never been shy about his thoughts on climate change, and with good reason. The recent flooding in Louisiana, which destroyed 60,000 homes and killed 13, is yet another result of the ocean’s rising temperatures.

“As the ocean gets warmer, which it is getting, it expands,” Nye explains in the interview. “And then as the sea surface is warmer, more water evaporates, and so it’s very reasonable that these storms are connected to these big effects.”

Nye also took this opportunity to knock CNN for hosting a meteorologist who was once a climate change denier. The Science Guy did not name names, but must have been referring to Chad Myers, the CNN meteorologist who once said, “to think that we could affect weather that much is pretty arrogant.”


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Myers has since tweeted in his defense that current scientific research has turned him into a believer in climate change, citing that “a scientist can be swayed by data and I was.”

Yet this flooding went largely overlooked, as it was caused by multiple smaller storms instead of larger storms, and garnered much less attention and response than the damage done by hurricanes Katrina or Rita.

Nye suspects that these storms will continue to hit, and that as a result, people will begin to move away from the Gulf of Mexico, which in turn will negatively affect Louisiana’s economy.

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