Bill Murray jumped out of a cake during his final appearance on Late Show with David Letterman to celebrate David Letterman’s second to last show.

Bill Murray Tumbles Out Of A Cake For David Letterman

Murray made a unique entrance on Tuesday night’s show, popping out of a giant, white cake with “Goodbye Dave” written on it. Wearing protective goggles and gloves, Murray popped up through the top of the cake and then stumbled out of it, falling face first on top of a small pile of cake and frosting.

Murray got back up and made his way over to the couch, stopping along the way to distribute some of the cake to audience and band members and give Letterman a big, cake-filled hug.

As one of the final guests to ever appear on the late night talk show with Letterman as host, Murray made one last effort to convince Letterman to stay on as host, leading the audience in a chant before going outside to gather up more supporters.

Letterman will host his final show Thursday night.