HBO host Bill Maher has a plan for getting President Donald Trump out of the White House – Democrats, impeach. Melania, walk out.

After calling on Democrats to “either do something” about what they’re calling a Constitutional crisis “or stop talking about it,” Maher ended by telling the first lady to leave the president for another man.

“Melania Trump must do what dozens of buildings around the world have done and take the Trump name off,” Maher said during the New Rules segment. “President Hellboy has proved to be impervious to facts, reason, shame and the law, but maybe if you left him for another man, especially if that man was Mexican, he would implode on his own.”

“You can end this reign of terror and all you have to do is channel your Taylor Swift and walk out the door: Kick him to the curb, slap away that hand for good,” he went on. “No more public embarrassment, no more porn stars, no more stealing your make-up. Tell him, ‘I’m leaving you and I’m taking our child.’ He would be stunned. Then in his Trump voice: ‘We have a child?’”


Maher also offered Melania some advice to go about doing so, recommending she may have an easier go of the divorce if she did it with a friend. He suggested maybe Jerry Hall– ex-model, ex-Mrs. Mick Jagger and Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch’s wife.

“You two have a lot in common,” Maher said. “Your husbands are ruining our world.”

Murdoch, he suggested, is doing to the world what Hall left Mick for doing to “anything that moved.”

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