HBO host Bill Maher ripped into Special Counsel Robert Mueller for not indicting President Donald Trump on Friday’s edition of Real Time.

Maher complained that “we all sat around waiting for Prosecutor Jesus to turn in his big report, and he came back with ‘ask someone else.’ We needed Superman and we got Clark can’t.”

“The attorney general is corrupt. The Congress is dysfunctional. What good is leaving a road map for impeachment if you know a tribal, party-before-country Republican Senate will never remove the president?” the late-night host questioned.

“Bob, your trail of breadcrumbs isn’t good enough. We’re not that smart anymore,“ he added. “America is an aging shortstop. You have to hit it right at us.”

“America has had a crazy person in the White House and for over two years the Democrats have done f— all about it because they were waiting for Mueller,” Maher commented. “All [Mueller] had to do is what people in the justice system do every day — use the law to come to justice, not be so restricted by technicalities that the bad guys win.”

Maher said Mueller has created new precedents by refusing to recommend any charges against the president.


“That’s what law is — new precedents. It’s always evolving. You can’t indict a sitting president? It’s not in the Constitution. It’s not even a law. It’s a guideline like drinking white wine with fish or not f—ing your cousin,” he continued.

Rudy Giuliani said this week there’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians,” Maher stated. “That’s where we are now. I lay that on Mueller.”

The Real Time host also jokingly pointed out that the report always included the word “but” after listing examples of President Trump’s bad behavior, concluding that Mueller “loves big buts and he cannot lie.”

Mueller’s long-awaited 400-plus-page report, which was released in a redacted form, detailed extensive Russian efforts to assist Trump in the 2016 election but found that no one from his campaign conspired to interfere.

The special counsel also outlined 10 instances of Trump potentially obstructing justice over the course of Mueller’s investigation.

Mueller declined to offer a traditional prosecutorial judgment, leaving the decision up to Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who then determined there was not sufficient evidence to charge the president.

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