Comedian Bill Maher confessed his true feelings about former President Donald Trump during a CNN primetime special.

Speaking to Jake Taper, Maher revealed that after Trump won the 2016 election, he was afraid for his “own wellbeing” and that he feared that he “wind up in Guantanamo Bay – I think I still could,” due to Trump’s noticeable fixation on him.


“He’s obsessed sometimes. I don’t know. He went on a tear for about eight months when he was president. Every time he’d have a rally, I have a list three pages long of the things he’s called me,” Maher said referring to the times Trump has called him a “radical left maniac with modest television ratings.”

The 67-year-old HBO host went on to explain that he is “afraid of Trump on a very personal level because I don’t think he likes me,” and that while he understands why he is still terrified of what Trump may do should he win the presidential election in 2024.

“I mean, he is obviously someone who does not know any boundaries, and, you know, you have to worry when you see what other authoritarian rulers do in other countries to people. I’m not thinking he’s going to become Putin and start pushing people out windows, but I’m not going to live on the 30th floor anywhere either,” Maher told Tapper.

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