Bill Maher mocked the praise Caitlyn Jenner has received after her debut on the cover of Vanity Fair on his HBO show Real Time With Bill Maher, on Friday night.


“This is a has-been from reality TV who got breast implants,” Maher said about Jenner. ”This is someone who used to be Kim Kardashian’s stepfather and is now Kim Kardashian’s stepmother. She’s not Rosa Parks.”

The comedian also commented on how Jenner’s magazine cover sends a powerful message because she is the oldest woman (65-years-old) to appear by herself on the cover of Vanity Fair. “You can be a sexy glamorous senior woman, and all you need is strength, determination and a d–k,” he quipped.

They day of Jenner’s Vanity Fair debut, Maher tweeted:


See Maher in action here:

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