At the conclusion of Bill Maher‘s Real Time show last night, the comedian called out Donald Trump’s hypocrisy in criticizing former Mexican President Vicente Fox use profane language when Trump himself is notably liberal with his use of profanity.

“Talk about the pot calling the kettle orange,” said Maher before showing a slew of clips with Trump delivering speeches with X-rated language.

Maher went on to draw the distinction between other politicians who have been quoted using profane language off the record and Trump’s consistent use of profanity as a part of his political speeches. Maher then delivered an X-Rated State of Union to show what a Trump State Of The Union might sound like.

“I stand before you tonight to report that the state of our union is f-cking awesome!” declared fake President Maher.

The speech proceeded in much of the same fashion as he explained that “we are job creating like a motherf-cker” and “our deficit is shrinking like a c–k on a cold morning.” The response to every one of his statements is enthusiastic clapping and cheering.

And in a final declaration that he will be increasing military spending he says, “Let every nation know that if you f-ck with the United State, you are f-cking with the most balls out b-d-ss swinging d-cks that the world has ever seen and we will not hesitate to skull f-ck you, tear your head off, and sh-t down your neck.”

He ends his speech: “My friends, there are those in these uncertain times who say that America’s best days are behind us. But I say: f-ck that!” He repeats this until all of Congress is chanting “f-ck that!” so eagerly that it almost drowns out his closing line, “God bless the United motherf-cking States of America.”

Maher breaks character and laughs as Congress continues to chant even after he’s finished.

See the full clip below.

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