Bill Gates spoke about his divorce from Melinda French Gates in several new interviews. The Microsoft co-founder said he regretted moments of their marriage, including his reported infidelity and meetings with Jeffrey Epstein, but still concluded: “it was a great marriage” he would still do again.

“I wouldn’t choose to marry anyone else,” Gates continued to tell The Sunday Times and even later said he would “marry Melinda all over again,” despite the turbulence that led to their split. When asked about his alleged affair on Today, he simply said, “I don’t think delving into the particulars at this point is constructive, but yes, I caused pain and I feel terrible about it.”

Gates said that he and Melinda “have a super important, complex, close relationship where we’ve chosen to work together. And I’m very happy that we get to work together.”

He also spoke about several meetings he had with Epstein beginning in 2011 in his TV appearance. Epstein was already convicted of procuring a person under 18 for prostitution when Gates took the meeting, which he now said was “a huge mistake, not only meeting him in the first place, but I met with him a number of times.” He also said that they met because Epstein was interested in his “goal of raising money for global health.”

You can watch Gates’ full Today interview here:

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