Bill Gates donned a blue velvet suit to play Austin Powers in an internal Microsoft video, in which his longtime business partner Steve Ballmer played Dr. Evil.

Gates and Ballmer teamed up for a number of comic relief videos throughout their time at the software company. In the Austin Powers video, “Somewhere outside Redmond," Ballmer rants enthusiastically about a global reinvention and a necessity to “eliminate” competitors. As Ballmer cackles and lifts his pinkie to the corner of his mouth, Gates turns his swivel chair to face the camera and says, “Oh behave." The best part comes next, when Gates dances about to the Austin Powers theme with a band of go-go girls.

The co-founder and former CEO and current CEO have also spoofed Night at the Roxbury and The Matrix. In the former, Gates and Ballmer dance to Haddaway’s “What is Love” from the a Microsoft store to the car. In the latter, Ballmer gets interrogated like Neo in the famous sci-fi film, and when he answers the phone, he’s transported to Bill Gates dressed like Morpheus.

There’s also an internal video featuring Gates and Ballmer having a fake playdate outside Microsoft’s Seattle, Wash., offices. The activities performed include scootering, basketball and Velcro Catch Ball – with a Velcro helmet worn by Gates.

– Chelsea Regan

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